About Risør Festival of Chamber Music


The Risør Festival of Chamber Music, which began in 1990, has firmly established itself as one of the most prestigious and recognized chamber music festivals in the world. Each year international artists visit the small fishing town in Southern Norway and join forces with some of Norway´s best musicians for six days of chamber music making. The setting is amongst the most beautiful to be found in Norway, the exquisite coastline architecture and quintessential southern white houses providing an atmosphere of intimacy and calmness.


Artistic directors Lars Anders Tomter and Henning Kraggerud (who recently took over from Leif Ove Andsnes) have for the 2011 festival designed a varied and entertaining programme, under the theme ´Forbidden Fruits´. Kraggerud talks about this idea in his interview posted on this site. 





About Music in Motion


Music in Motion is founded on a passionate love for classical music. Our mission is to bring a live concert experience home to classical music audiences through gripping visuals and top-quality sound. By putting together experts from the fields of classical music and film production, we believe it is possible to create an aesthetic that truly enhances the listening experience. 


Each piece of music is different and attaining a critical balance between compelling yet unobtrusive filming is our goal at all times. Every production is an inspiring challenge for us and we truly hope our work touches a nerve in those who watch and listen.


Our mission is not only to create films that move, but to contribute to exposing classical music artists and their performances to a world-wide market. In addition to exposure, every sale of a stream or a download generates a royalty that goes to the artist(s). 



2011 Production Crew



Director of Photography

Tor Eigil Scheide



Håvar Karlsen

Håvard Birkjeland

Jo Bergersen

Jørgen Klüver


Sound Engineer

Andrew Mellor



Jean Vincent Kerebel


Concert Editors

Kamil Zawadzki

Jacek Chamot

Piotr Strzali

Backstage Presenter 

Louise Fryer (BBC)


Backstage Filming

Harald Bø


Backstage Editor

Thor Erling Brenne


Backstage Assistant

Steve Lock 

Website design

Morgan Nicolaysen


Website development & programming

Morten Nicolaysen


Technical Assistant

Jimmy Thorsen


Producer & Director

Sean Lewis


In the days leading up to the launch of this site, life changed. Work with putting the final touches on the content, polishing the last details, was interrupted by the brutal massacre of a group of youths on the island of Utøya in Norway. The whole country came to a stand still in shock and a numbness set in. Somehow the meaning of everything we do changed.


The films presented on this site are of concerts given by musicians playing to touch their audiences. Musicians that have invested thousands of hours of work, that began at childhood, to become exponents of an art that has the power to communicate to and move others. It is this kind of performing art that contributes to maintaining a balance between emotion and rationality, between feeling and thought, between right and wrong. I dedicate this site to the victims of the Utøya tragedy and their loved ones.


Sean Lewis, July 2011